Millions of US workers wish they could join a union

U.S. labor unions and their popularity are on an upswing.  Some great findings have come out from the Economic Policy Institute (EPI).  

A look into some of the numbers below.

  • Over 60 Million U.S. workers want to join a union, but are not able to
  • Workers represented by unions has decreased .3% (11.6 to 11.3). Because non-union job creation has outpaced union jobs, the overall percentage of the employed AND unionized is down.  This may seem grim, but the labor front is actually on an upswing.  
  • Unions in the US have increased membership by 200,000 members between 2021 & 2022.
  • The National Labor Board saw an increase in union election petitions of 53% - these hopefully will eventually lead to established unions

The United States and its workforce are in the midst of a struggle.  The middle class is being eaten away.  History has shown us Labor Unions can and do help. 

Solidarity creates change.

Join the movement.