A New Day for AFSCME New Jersey

It is a new day for AFSCME members in New Jersey!

This weekend, the delegates to the AFSCME NJ founding convention unanimously ratified the constitution for AFSCME New Jersey. This means organizing committee status has been lifted and we are now AFSCME New Jersey, Council 63.

Watch the video from the convention here:

This weekend delegates also voted on an Executive Director and new Executive Board members, Trustees, and Officers. Please meet the new E-Board below:


Ron McMullen

Vice President

Kevin B. Williams


Frances Cintron

Recording Secretary

Linda Bethea

Executive Board 

At-Large - Dave Griffin

At-Large - Michael Jackson

At-Large - Gerry Murray

State - Coral Dayon

State - Tara Myers

State - Lennox Peters

State - Shirley Suddoth-Lewis

County - Glennis Folks

County - Lamar Lewis

County - Erich Sodtalbers

Municipal - Matt Gemenden

Municipal - Yesenia Lopez

Municipal - Ramona Thomas

Higher Education - Michelle Del Vecchio

Higher Education - Michael Messner

Schools - Bill Murawski

Private - Elijah Addison


Ed Perez (Municipal)

Ivette Sanchez (County)

Robert Turner (State)

Executive Director

Steve Tully

We are very excited about the new direction for New Jersey and look forward to making AFSCME New Jersey, Council 63 the strongest union in the state. Thank you to everyone for their commitment to uniting AFSCME New Jersey and thank you to everyone who participated during the Constitutional Convention. 

Stronger together,

AFSCME New Jersey, Council 63