America Is Suffering From a Student Debt Crisis.

America is suffering from a student debt crisis.

The cost of college increased tenfold since the 1970s. Meanwhile, the top 1% graduate debt-free and politicians continue to choose corporate tax breaks over funding for higher education.

Having college debt could mean having to put off saving for your own child's college because you're still paying for your own college debt. Or maybe you are having trouble paying your monthly bills because of a high monthly student loan payment.

The resources below can help you decrease the burden of student debt by giving you the information you need to find debt-relief and flexible repayment options.

Forgive My Student Debt

If you work in the public service, this little-known government program called “Public Service Loan Forgiveness” could allow you to clear your student debt years sooner and at significant discount to other borrowers.

Student Loan Borrower Assistance

A comprehensive resource for borrowers, their families, and advocates representing student loan borrowers.

Student Loan Questions: Get Answers

A FAQ about the different types of student loans, terms and conditions, repayment options, default and delinquency, cancellations, and bankruptcy.

Questions and Comments About Student Debt

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