The American Rescue Plan is here, find out what it entails!

Earlier this week Congress passed the COVID Relief Bill and President Biden signed the bill today. This bill provides much needed relief for Americans and help is on the way for the people of New Jersey!

Attached is a list of what the municipalities and counties represented by AFSCME New Jersey will receive under the COVID Relief Bill. Some of the highlights of the bill include: 

  • $1,400 in direct stimulus payments to most Americans.
  • An extension through Labor Day of the extra $300 per week in unemployment benefits for laid off and furloughed workers.
  • $160 billion in funding for vaccine distribution that will help get the vaccine into the arms of Americans as soon as possible.
  • $130 billion in funding to help re-open schools.
  • $350 billion in aid to state and local governments. New Jersey will get $9.3 billion in aid for state and local governments as a result of this bill - $6.5 billion to the state and $2.8 billion to local governments.
  • $24 billion for an emergency stabilization fund to help child care providers to pay staff, rent, purchase PPE and supplies plus $15 billion for the Child Care and Development Block Grant program to help child care providers provide financial relief for families help struggling to pay the cost and child care assistance.
  • Nearly $40 billion in funding for higher education with a requirement that colleges to use at least half the money they receive to provide emergency financial aid for students.
  • Additional billions of dollars in aid for small businesses, housing assistance, nutrition assistance, and aid for veterans.

PDF icon covid_relief_bill_-_aid_to_state_and_local_governments_3-10-21.pdf
COVID Relief Bill - Aid to State and Local Governments