COVID-19 Update: Positive Cases Confirmed

We were notified recently of a positive diagnosis for COVID-19 for two people who attended the rally at SERV in Ewing on March 11, 2020. One is an AFSCME member and the other is an elected public official. Neither of these individuals were displaying any symptoms at the time of the rally on March 11. However, out of an abundance of caution, we are notifying all members who attended this rally, and those who could have come in contact with someone from the rally. We will continue to actively monitor the situation and advise you of any new developments.

While there is no reason to panic, we urge anyone who attended this rally to contact your primary care physician if you experience any symptoms. We would also ask that you notify the council.  Of course, you should also notify your employer.  

It is important that everyone keep up with the progress of this coronavirus emergency because there are new developments almost daily. Please follow all Center for Disease Control guide lines ( and public health assessment recommendations, just as you would at any other time.

If you know anyone who attended this rally, please pass this notice along to them.