Meet Everyday Hero, Patricia Johnson

Meet Patricia Johnson, a member of Local 2779 Child Care Workers Union and recipient of AFSCME New Jersey's Everyday Heroes Award. Pat is an in-home child care provider who was forced to close her home to the kids she loves at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. In search of a purpose during quarantine, Pat's big heart and nurturing spirit led her to creating medical-grade cotton masks at the height of the PPE shortage for area hospitals, fellow AFSCME New Jersey local unions, the New Jersey Department of Homeland Security, area police and firefighting departments, as well as vulnerable populations across New Jersey.

Over the last year, Pat has donated thousands of dollars and thousands of hours in her effort to create and donate thousands of masks to people and organizations across New Jersey to protect from COVID-19. Her enthusiasm and drive inspired dozens of other people to get involved in her project and because of their tireless efforts, New Jersey was better equipped to protect against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Watch her story here:

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