NJ Assembly Votes Unanimously in Favor of Furloughed Workers

Almost a month after Governor Chris Christie manufactured a budget stalemate that resulted in tens of thousands of state workers being furloughed over the 4th of July holiday, he has signed legislation providing back pay to those employees who were furloughed over the three days. The signing came one day after the State Assembly voted unanimously to amend the state budget to provide pay for more than 30,000 workers who were prevented from working during that time.

The furlough left many AFSCME NJ members scrambling to get by, wondering if they would ever be made whole.  But AFSCME NJ members stepped up to apply pressure to the Governor and state legislature to demand restitution for being locked out of their jobs.  AFSCME NJ also filed grievances and Unfair Labor Practices with the state labor board to protest the unjust treatment.  State employees did not cause the shutdown and should not have been made to suffer as the pawns in Chris Christie’s game. 

Without the pressure applied to the governor from AFSCME NJ members and legislators like Assembly Speaker Prieto, Governor Christie would not have signed this legislation to make state employees whole after the unnecessary furlough.  Because of our unified efforts, all of those affected will get the pay they deserve. 

When we fight, we win!