When Crisis Hits, We Can Count on AFSCME NJ

In the wake of a particularly vicious hurricane season, Houston, Southern Florida and Puerto Rico were left devastated. Homes, cars, and businesses were destroyed leaving people without a place to stay or even a job to go back to. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria have affected the lives of thousands of our AFSCME brothers and sisters, many of whom are tasked with rebuilding their communities before they can attend to their own needs. 

But when tragedy strikes, we can always count on our AFSCME New Jersey sisters and brothers to step up and lend a hand. When Hurricane Harvey first struck the people of Houston, members of Local 3408 Meadowview Nursing Home, immediately stepped up to start planning fundraising efforts for those affected; and when Irma hit, and then Maria, Local 3408 didn't stop, they doubled down.

April Gould, Dominica Smith, Eileen Davis, Cathy Barnett, and Joyce Gunter were among those who planned and participated in the successful bake sale at Meadowview Nursing Home in Pleasantville, on September 22nd.

 At their regular membership meeting on Wednesday, September 27th, members of Local 3408 were able to present a representative of AFSCME International with more than $400 for the AFSCME Fallen Heroes Fund. The fund is used to provide relief to AFSCME brothers and sisters around the country who fall victim to natural disasters and other tragedies.

 Local 3408 understands that every dollar counts, and that being there for our brothers and sisters is more important now than ever.

If you want to follow Local 3408’s example, click here to donate to the Heroes Fund.