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AFSCME NJ represents more than 20,000 women and men who go to work every day to keep NJ working. There are more than 30,000 retired and current AFSCME members living in New Jersey. New Jersey is AFSCME Strong! 

Steve Tully, Executive Director

Debbie Parks, International Vice President, Associate Director

Northern Regional Office
Phone: (201) 933-3987
Terry Woodrow, Regional Field Director

Seth Gollin, Staff Attorney
Lakeisha Hamm, Organizer/Field Rep.
Rickie Simpkins, Organizer/Field Rep.
Dawn Patterson, Northern Administrative Assistant
Joyce Givens, Northern Administrative Assistant

Central Headquarters
Phone: (609) 586-9093
Jocelyn Alcox, Communications Specialist
Keiyer Gill
, Assistant to the Executive

Latia Sample, Organizer/Field Rep.
Alice Weisman, Organizer/Field Rep.
Renee' DeFebbo, Organizer/Field Rep.
Rex Reid, Political & Legislative Rep.
Susan Fago, Business Office Manager
Ali Khan, Business Office Assistant

Southern Regional Office
Phone: (856) 512-2000
Bob Little, Area Field Director

Glendalis Mateo, Southern Administrative Assistant
Robert Lamont Turner, Organizer/Field Rep.
Gary Little, Organizer/Field Rep.
Bill Sciblo, Organizer/Field Rep.
Yolanda Lawson, Organizer/Field Rep.