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  Gaylord Popp LLC is a New Jersey based law firm specializing in workers compensation, social security disability, disability pension appeal, motor vehicle accidents, and personal injury wrongful death.


AFSCME members enrolled in the State Health Benefits Program are eligible for a new kind of primary care. This innovative initiative offers a no copayment, no deductible benefit that works with your current health plan; no need for you to change plans! Services include preventative, urgent, and sick care, health and wellness coaching, chronic disease management, and care coordination. 

Patients get direct access to their physician with same-day or next-day appointments, evening and weekend hours, reduced waiting-room time, and unhurried consultations with their physician. Sign up to visit primary care offices offered by either of our esteemed health care partners, R-Health and Paladina Health.


At ATSI, clients receive a true continuum of care. Our staff members are here to guide individuals through the entire recovery process, from the first call to our admissions department to the time they complete our program. And since treatment doesn’t end upon completion, our aftercare support program ensures each individual has the tools needed to remain clean and sober, and to avoid relapse.